Product Review | Happy Curls, Happy Girls Natural Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner

Yall! Check out my live demo of this conditioner :O ... just do it! What a great experience with a locally made product of Trinidad. Thank you Happy Curls, Happy Girls for creating such an amazing product! No regrets ❤


Product Review | Eco Natural Cocktail Super Fruit Complex Curl n’ Styling Curl Creme

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored review. All opinions shared are my own and are based on my experience with this product. So I have to do a review on this because I was not even aware that it existed. Before we dive in though... For your information Hair Type: 3C Hair Porosity: Low Density:... Continue Reading →

The Value Of Sharing Your Process

Life can be amazing at times but on other occasions, things can get rocky. When this transpires, it often propels the need for some sort of change or improvement within ourselves or our environment (if possible). We sit down, we evaluate, we plan and we action. That improvement eventually comes into fruition, we are seemingly... Continue Reading →

The L.O.C vs L.C.O Method

I need to dedicate this post to all my low porosity curly hair sisters.  Have we been sleeping on the L.C.O (Liquid/ Leave-In, Cream, Oil) method? In one of my past posts - My Hair Care Regimen - I briefly speak about the L.O.C (Liquid/ Leave-In, Oil, Cream) method which I incorporate into my hair care regimen. ... Continue Reading →

Being Content In Your Season

Knowing that no human being on earth is perfect but that we are rather, works in progress, I feel like it's fitting to share our experiences with each other, even in the midst of that progress. A few months ago I had found myself in a serious funk.  Eventually though, I had become exhausted being in... Continue Reading →

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